Offering a Shoulder of Support

Offering a Shoulder of Support

by @cacifwc

Offering a Shoulder of Support [Exodus 17:8-16]

Product distributors are familiar with the term “piggy-backing”. It suggests how people use the influence of others to leverage their efforts. Piggy-backing is legal when applied in the right context; providing benefit for both parties. This concept is applicable in our lives.

Everybody needs someone. The LORD has made it so! He created man to live in a community, and one way to ensure no one feels they are self-sufficient and stays aloof is by creating a need for the support of others – emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc.

And by divine orchestration, He connects us to people, who either need our help or serve as shoulders we could ride on to reach the destination He has intended for us.

We ought to be conscious of the right people He brings our away and take due advantage of their presence in our lives. Being conscious of this also means that we must learn to treat everybody right irrespective of our perceptions about them – you might just be dealing with an “angel” from God.


Exodus 17:12

Life Application:

Have you ever given someone a genuine cause to bless God for your life? What did you do for them that could be responsible for that gesture (if yes)? If no, identify ways you could be.

Prayer Focus:

Dear Father, please connect me to people who could lead me in the direction of Your will and plan for my life.

Bedtime Reflection:

“Yes, brother, let me have joy from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in the Lord.” [Phm. 20, nkjv]

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